KONIG Wheels, Rims

KONIG Wheels and KONIG Rims at Wholesale Prices from Victoria Tire & Wheel. Konig Wheels has been setting trends and revolutionizing the wheel industry for 25 years. Dedicated to providing the highest quality wheels possible, Konig has combined 25 years of innovation and know-how to provide drivers with the ultimate in performance wheels. Konig has become a permanent fixture in the automotive industry. Konig Wheels has a total commitment to maintaining a service oriented attitude that leads the industry, with constant improvement on the competitiveness and quality of their products.the lowest prices available. Victoria Tire is a master distributor for Konig wheels and offers Konig Wheels at wholesale prices. Fast shipping on all Konig rims. Free Shipping on all konig whell and tire packages.
Victoria Tire and Wheel offers easy Wheels and Rims Financing with No Credit needed and Instant Approval.